Wednesday, August 29, 2007


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Prince Umberto & the Sister of ill is the name of the Bumblebeez latest album. Its pretty crazy, it covers all types of music over the 16 tracks; from hip-hop to acid dance and everything in-between. I’ve had it on repeat since I bought it, lots of basey bass lines and catchy vocals. Its definitely music you can dance around too, fun fun fun. My favourite songs would have to be Clubb Clubb, Black Dirt, Dr love and Rio at the moment but the whole albums growing on me and would be probably hard to pick favourites in a few weeks time. Heres a few tracks to download to give you a sneak peak. If you haven’t already bought the album get out there and get your hands on a copy.

Bumblebeez - Rio

Bumblebeez - Black Dirt


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Monday, August 13, 2007

Splendid Party Loves Everyone Nobody Declared Otherwise Unless Retarded

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Pic: Your Mate

music music music

2 days of music!!

I could sing sing sing alllll day day day about all the splendid music music at splendour splendour splennnnnndour.

Saturday songs started with muscley MUSCLESSSSS. WOOOOO AAHHHH. WOOOO AHHHH.
And im sure he drove more than one, One Inch Badge Pin through the hearts of the multitude of beautiful ladies in the crowd. Although im pretty 100% positive his chantings of peace love ecstasy in new album track 'Sweaty' were not ignored by most in Byron as was evident from the constant screams of I love you man around the place. And with the release of Muscles debut LP Guns Babes Lemonade only a couple of months away, his set was delivered most wonderfully and is sure to invite album sales in the millions. Well we hope so anyway. Heres a taster.....

Muscles - Chocolate Raspberry Lemon & Lime

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Pic: James

Keeping with the 'M' theme and album release theme (how convient I guess), Sunday saw Melbourne indie/electro heroes MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS do some more damage to an already tender crowd with an amazing set coinciding with the launch of their debut lp dystopia. From mount Kosciusko to midginbill hill and back to Munich, the whole world currently loves the juggernauts right now. And why shouldn’t they with music as tasty as this...

Midnight Juggernauts - Into The Galaxy

Damn Arms - The Cormorant (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)

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Pic: James

mmm I seem to have run out of themes already, so I guess Saturday will have to be revisited. In particularly the magic carpet ride and a journey that will never be forgotten that was HOT CHIP. Who ever thought that a bunch of geeks from England with oxford educations and thick-rimmed glasses (and I mean no disrespect whatsoever) could make music that was almost the highlight of the weekend. From My Piano to an encore driven although probably pre planned over and over, hot chip were simply awe inspiring, bringing this avid listener and thousands of others who also ignored muscles advice to their knees in aural listening pleasure. Keyboards, bongos, maracas, synths, a guitar and my personal favourite the cowbell were used to build unbelievably unbelievable songs that did nothing but making everyone smile and dance and clap and laugh and just feel really good about themselves.

Hot Chip - Boy From School (Erol Alkan's Extended re-rework)

One cannot forget to mention the closing of Saturday with a dj set from aussie favourites LOST VALENTINOS dj crew 'KNIFE MACHINE'. Knife Machine had everything a man, woman or child could have wanted from a dj set. Bullshit music, a crowd idiot you love to hate, good looking girls, djs who had fun and interacted with the enthusiastic crowd, and some really cool effects. Song of the night could have been SebastiAns remix of rage against the machines classic killing in the name of. But for sentimental beauty and fitting in with the anything but lost valentions theme the award should probably go to the bagraiders mix of kafka which was played with much energy late in the Knife Machine set.

The Valentinos - Kafka (Bagraiders How D Ya Like It At Five Remix)

The beginning of Sunday saw a lot of tired bruised and still fucked up but still charging people take on the mix up tent for a set from triple j unearthed winners of the past the Bumblebeez. Most of the crowd would no doubt have been present to catch hit single dr. love, and the Bumblebeez did not fail to impress with the song played last amongst on stage fancy pants dancers and some help from the crowd. Heres a Bumblebeez remix of Down Down Down by The Presets. WOOOOOO!!

The Presets - Down Down Down (Bumblebeez Remix)

The close of Sunday saw two of the world’s hottest bands right now deliver perfect (or as close as can be) sets to the already satisfied splendour crowds. Bloc Party and the Arctic Monkey's were nothing but incredible. If the weekend wasn't already good enough for some people these two bands would have changed that and finished off an awesome and splendid weekend with amazing music. Lets just say the helicopter was swinging. haha. or not.

Bloc Party - The Prayer (The Knife Machine Remix)

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Pic: Scharkie

So a just over a week on from the close of best splendour ever (as declared by the event promoters and party goers alike), people are in pain. From broken eardrums to broken hearts and flu's and fistfights it is safe to say what a weekend. The best ever in fact. And we all can’t wait to do it again in 2008!!!!!

Party on Garth.
Party on Wayne,

Editors - All Sparks (Phones Remix)

Cut Copy - Rendezvous

Riot In Belgium - La Musique (Sinden Remix)